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In order to encourage growth and create revenue, it is wise to invest in signage and display essentials for your business, regardless of the industry or field you’re in. Advertising is a crucial method of creating a presence for your brand, and communicating to potential customers who you are and what you do.


1. External signage


Whether or not your business has a ‘shop front’, you’re going to be looking for some external signage to attract the gaze of potential clients passing by. Whether this sort of signage is on your actual building, or used to advertise from afar, external signage for the world to see is one of the first essentials you should consider.

External signage covers a broad span of potential advertising and signage options. Whether it’s a sign above your shop door you’re looking for, or signposts from the car park, this cost-effective option is the ideal way to let the world know about your business.


2. Roll up banners

If you’re a business that travels to conventions and other locations where you’ll need to make your presence known, a roll up banner is the ideal kind of signage. Lightweight and easily transportable, you can carry these around with you to create a high visual impact wherever you are.

If your business has an external or alternative place of trading,  these roll up banners are ideal for creating maximum brand awareness at exhibitions and conferences. As they are easy to move, lightweight and temporary, they really can go wherever you need them to.


3. Pop up stands

This signage is a one step further from the pop up banners, and create a stand in a quick and hassle-free manner. Designed for either temporary or permanent use, these curved stands are ideal for exhibition and can even come with a lectern and lighting options.

Creating a brand presence is important at networking and business events such as exhibitions and expos, and so a pop up stand not only demonstrates a high level of professionalism, but creates an exclusive space to discuss and showcase your business.


 4. Internal sign boards


This form of signage is perhaps the most widely found and can have countless uses. Whether it be directional signage, opening times or general signposting, internal sign boards are the best way to communicate messages to your clients and your employees.

These high quality and cost-effective display essentials can be completely tailored around your business’ requirements. With many colours, designs and coatings to choose from, you can create the ideal branded internal sign boards with ease.


5. Window vinyls

Window vinyls and vehicle decals are a high-impact and convenient way to advertise your business. With so many vinyl finishes to choose from, and the freedom for any cut, designs and colours to be used, this form of signage really can sell a business. Designed for both internal and external display, these UV resistant and durable vinyls will keep your brand message clear to see in all weathers and temperatures.


The sky is the limit with how you can create a long-lasting and successful advertising campaign for your business through signage and displays. Mannin Group can provide all five of the signage options mentioned here, and many more to help promote your business. For more information, call us on 696565.

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