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The key to business success is ensuring the operations run as smoothly as possible. Without the right tools, you’re going to struggle to stay motivated and get the job done. Whether you are a sole-trader working from your home-based office, or a large corporation with hundreds of employees, the foundation for success is the same.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the basic office supplies are used by everyone and can make the day-to-day running of your business easier on yourself, and your employees.

What are those basic office supplies you need? Use this list as the foundation for your business, and keep it growing from there.


1. Desk supplies

We may increasingly rely on technology to get our work done, but it doesn’t eradicate the need for the basics – pens, highlighters, scissors, paperclips etc. Physically writing notes, brainstorming ideas in meetings and jotting down information will help keep your creative juices flowing and allow you to go about your normal daily routine.


2. Paper

You – and your team – need paper to write and print on. Stock up on notepads, post-its and paper for your printer so that you are prepared for any potential presentation, meeting or client pitch. Scrimping on these essential supplies will leave you feeling chaotic and unorganised.


3. Organisation supplies

Organisation is key to a happy and productive workforce. File folders, binder clips, staplers and plastic wallets are all vital for keeping your work neat and tidy. By providing these items for your staff, you are encouraging them to take care and pride in their work.


4. Office furniture

Choosing the right office furniture can make a big difference to how much you achieve each day. Sitting on hard, uncomfortable chairs will make it difficult to sit still for long periods of time and can significantly affect concentration levels. Splash out on a decent chair and desk for yourself, rather than conduct your work from your sofa or kitchen table. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.


5. Time tracking and planning

Time management is a skill almost everybody needs to improve upon. The problem with relying on your phone or computer calendar is that it can be hard to put things in perspective and remember what the week ahead has in store. Having a planner or calendar to hang on your wall or sit on your desk, is a great way to track your appointments, deadlines and to-do lists.


6. Mailing supplies

Most businesses need to send mail at some point. Whether its invoices or promotional offers, there’s many reasons to stock up on different sized envelopes, dated stamps and other mailing supplies.


Having the above items in place will make your work life much easier to manage. To make things even better, Mannin Group can supply every item on this list for you. You can view our full stationery catalogue online here, or if you’d prefer to receive a hardcopy, please call us on 696565.

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