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  • Corporate branding: why is it important?

    Branding is one of the key elements in having and maintaining a successful business. We know how important it is for clients to be able to identify who you are and for them to trust your business. The best way to achieve this is through consistent corporate branding. At Mannin Group, we can build a […]

  • 4 essential items for your small business

    You’ve taken the plunge and decided to set up your own small business. Among the excitement of perfecting your product range, settling on your business name, and deciding on the pricing structure, there are a couple of items you shouldn’t forget. To be in a position to run a successful business, here are four things […]

  • The Importance of Good Company Branding

    Ensuring your business has the correct branding is essential for not just attracting business, but attracting the right business.