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  • Maintain version control with our E4 print portal

    For many of our clients, managing and maintaining printed literature is a huge part of their business. Due to brand updates or regulatory changes, the artwork can quickly become out-dated and version control becomes a serious concern. Our E4 print portal gives our clients the peace of mind needed to manage their print orders and […]

  • Make your printed material more environmentally-friendly

    Many organisations are lulled into the misconception that print is ‘less green’ than digital media. For example, email campaigns and social media are perceived to be more environmentally-friendly than flyers, inserts and mail packs. For some businesses and campaigns, printed material is the best way to engage their audience and – for charities in particular – […]

  • Choosing the right paper for your project

    Our clients often ask for guidance when it comes to selecting the right type of paper for their project and understanding why a certain type is favourable for their specific needs. Each piece of marketing collateral you decide to print may have a variety of purposes, and it is important to pick the right type […]

  • From Movable Type to 3D Printing: The Evolution of Print Technology

    We owe a great deal of our culture and our way of life to the evolution of print technology. Without print, our access to information, education and entertainment wouldn’t be a fraction of what it is today. Print is something that we perhaps take for granted on any given day, but when you consider its […]

  • Understanding The Difference Between Digital And Litho Print

    There are many important differences between traditional offset lithography and the more modern digital print. Understanding these differences will help you make important decisions when it comes to which alternative to opt for.   Quantity of your print run The question of print run, or quantity of copies required, is a major factor when it […]