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For many of our clients, managing and maintaining printed literature is a huge part of their business. Due to brand updates or regulatory changes, the artwork can quickly become out-dated and version control becomes a serious concern.

Our E4 print portal gives our clients the peace of mind needed to manage their print orders and retain oversight on the literature we hold in stock. From the online portal you can see the pdf artwork that we hold for you, including the quantity in stock. This allows you to quickly see whether this is the right version that you want to send to your clients, or whether the stock held needs destroying and an updated version printing.

Using our E4 print portal, our clients are also able to make orders from their online catalogue of documents currently in stock and choose where it gets delivered to. Clients can schedule delivery dates and add any specific and relevant instructions for our team to follow to ensure the process runs smoothly and deliveries are received seamlessly.

It’s also easy to track the status of orders to let your clients or colleagues know when they’re likely to receive their printed material and prevent time wasted by chasing for status reports.

E4 print is intuitive and can be accessed by multiple users in your organisation so that the right people have access to the same information and can order documents, manage stock levels, and view current and historical order data.

Why not speak to us about creating an account for you on E4 print so that you can maintain version control of your printed documentation? For more information on how our E4 print portal can help your business, call us on 696565.

And as a reminder to our existing clients already set up with an account – our E4 print user guide can be found here.

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