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Many organisations are lulled into the misconception that print is ‘less green’ than digital media. For example, email campaigns and social media are perceived to be more environmentally-friendly than flyers, inserts and mail packs.

For some businesses and campaigns, printed material is the best way to engage their audience and – for charities in particular – increase donations. The power of print is that it provides a tangible connection with the receiver, and often makes the information appear more trustworthy. It is also necessary to print certain items to make it easier for the customer to complete a task or access information – for example, filling out forms or viewing an event programme.

The good news is that your direct mail, flyers and other printed material can be just as green as digital media if it’s in the hands of the right print partner.

The print industry as a whole are working towards making serious improvements across the board to reduce environmental impact, but some are going that extra mile to demonstrate their commitment to environmental awareness.

Here at Mannin Group we have been accredited with ISO14001 which is a series of environmental management standards developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The ISO 14000 standards provide a framework for organisations that want to improve their environmental management efforts.

The accreditation clearly defines and establishes controls to reduce a company’s environmental impact as a result of their everyday operations. Since gaining our ISO14001 accreditation we have been able to minimise waste and efficiently use raw materials and energy.

The environment is important to a number of our clients, and it is important to us. We are proud to be an environmentally-friendly print partner and give our clients the peace of mind that their printed materials are being managed and sustained efficiently, with minimal wastage.

Maintaining the ISO 14001 accreditation is an ongoing process that requires constant commitment to improving environmental processes. We have ongoing external audits to ensure our standards are being maintained and improved – something all our staff are dedicated to.

If you would like a tour of our printing headquarters or wish to speak to us about a particular service or product, please do not hesitate to contact us on 696565.

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