setting new standards

A strong sense of community is one of the factors that distinguish life on an Island from larger, metropolitan regions. It’s that feeling of belonging and common purpose – coupled with a sense of national pride.

Journalists working within small Island communities must always be aware of the environment in which they operate, and the requirement to be fair, honest and aware of local sensitivities, yet fearless when it comes to exposing wrongdoing.

Manx Tails magazine is a fairly unique publication with an eclectic mix of news, features and columns by local writers. It’s a community magazine with a remarkable reach. It may be small in size and delivered free, but the editorial policy adheres strictly to the recognised editorial to advertising ratios followed by paid for magazines. That way it retains credibility with readers, and provides advertisers with a powerful medium in which to promote their products.

Manx Tails isn’t averse to mounting its own campaigns either. The publication took a high profile stance when the UK threatened to end the reciprocal health agreement with the Island. By mounting its own petition, writing to the UK Prime Minister and campaigning vigorously against the controversial move, Manx Tails was a key player in forcing a UK government U turn.

Manx Tails is a remarkable success story for a publication that started its life as the in-flight magazine for Manx Airlines. Today it has a place in the hearts of the local community it serves and is comfortably the most widely read publication on the Island. The Manx Tails formula proves that you don’t have to be big, glossy and expensively produced to succeed. Having a big heart, a circulation that dwarfs all other local publications and a finger on the pulse of the community is much more important.

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