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The days when the Isle of Man had all its eggs in one basket and relied almost entirely on the financial services sector are long gone. Today the Manx economy is more diversified, more complex, and less vulnerable to shocks in any specific sector.

Money Media magazine has been a constant throughout the decades of change. From the terrible low point in the early 1980’s, linked with the collapse of the Savings and Investment Bank, through to the Island’s emergence as one of the best regulated and most respected international offshore centres, Money Media has provided the main platform for news and information within the local business community.

The changes that have taken place with the publication have reflected those within the Island’s economy. From a small A5 supplement within Manx Tails, the former in-flight magazine of Manx Airlines, to the Island’s stand alone A4 glossy dedicated to all things business, Money Media has been an important mirror of the monumental changes in the business community.
The future for the Isle of Man seems to depend on its ability to adapt to change and assert itself in new areas of business. We live in changing times as the developed world still comes to terms with the cataclysmic events of 2007/8. Competition for new business is ferocious between jurisdictions, and the major players are constantly seeking ways to tighten the noose on offshore activities – however legitimate.

Money Media magazine will continue to reflect the changing nuances of the Manx business community, and to provide, information, comment and profile to its many component parts.

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