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Although more transactions and essential activities are done digitally, there are still a lot of reasons why print advertising works just as well – and sometimes even better – than digital advertising.

Digital advertising can reach a wider geographic of people, whereas traditional print advertising is often more effective at driving business at a local level.

An integrated marketing campaign that uses both digital and print advertising methods can produce a significant return on investment for your business, so it’s worth exploring both options.


Print is Tangible. Digital is Rapid.

Print advertising, especially when done locally, requires the use of publications – such as newspapers, magazines or flyers – to reach your chosen target market. Digital advertising makes use of direct emails, blogs or social media to interact with a target audience.

It’s true that digital advertising can reach people faster, but it’s hard to keep them from scrolling down and missing your carefully created content. If something doesn’t directly interest us, we tend to move on past it without giving it another thought.

When it comes to printed material, however, things can be easily kept to refer back to. It allows us to keep the magazine, flyer or direct mail to be stored and retrieved another day. It’s surprising how long the shelf-life of these items can last when you take into account the publications found in airports and waiting rooms.

Digital advertising is not tangible and so it lacks the ability to connect using touch because we only see them through a computer or mobile screen. It appears just as rapidly as it disappears and is often competing with hundreds of other audio and visual stimulus. When people are online, they’re probably also looking for other stuff at the same time, so you don’t just have to compete against other brands selling the same item or services, but with social media and other online distractions that might steal their time from you.

When we pick up a magazine, however, it tends to be when we have time to dedicate to flicking through the pages, such as over a morning coffee or waiting to board a plane. In these cases, we are generally more receptive to the marketing messages inside and spend a longer time looking at them.

Therefore, your marketing campaign should consider both digital and print opportunities to maximise the chance of success.


Circulation is everything

Remember, when it comes to print media advertising, circulation is everything. The more circulated a printed publication is, the more readers the included advertisements receive which is why we’re pleased to offer advertising options in both our flagship publications – Manx Tails and Business365.

Essential reading for people in business both on and off the Isle of Man, Business365 has the widest circulation and readership of any financial publication on the Island. Manx Tails has unrivalled Island wide distribution which guarantees advertisers maximum exposure. Alongside deliveries to domestic properties a further 3,000 copies per month are distributed through dispensers at Ronaldsway Airport and Douglas Sea Terminal.

Both publications can also be viewed online – including previous issues – giving you the best of both print and digital. For more information on how to advertise with us, contact us on 696565.

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