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We’ve always tried our best to support the local community when and where we can, and working with the Isle of Man Arts Council is always a pleasure.

It’s always good to feel appreciated and even better when you’re thanked. We are again pleased to share another shining client testimonial with you all.

“On behalf of the Isle of Man Arts Council I write to thank you, for your support of both the Secret Treasures: Modern British & Irish Art on the Isle of Man Exhibition and TheatreFest 15.

Following Island of Culture 2014, we are working hard to keep the legacy from that year valuable and current, and Secret Treasures and TheatreFest are two of the shining stars in our legacy plan. Occasions to view art and theatre such as this are infrequent for us on the Isle of Man and as an Arts Council we always aim to provide access and opportunity for all to engage with the arts, both as an audience and as participants. The excellent design and print work you provided and the discount you offered on the TheatreFest programme has helped to make this a reality.”

Yours sincerely

Michael Lees
Vice Chairman

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